A 5 part video tour of Medicine Wheel’s new grow facility

Ever since we opened on June 21st, 2017, Medicine Wheel Natural Healing has beenĀ  working all out to bring our patients the very best in herbal based natural healing. For us that means knowing exactly what is in all the medicines we are providing, and making sure that we provide the safest and most high quality medicine available.

Therefore we have taken steps to be able to grow our own supply, and to be able to test all products that are sold out of our store. The following five part series provides an in-depth look at our efforts in this regard as we build a federally licensed grow operation and educational centre right next to our store in Alderville First Nation.

In September of 2017, Gary Wassaykeesic of Real People’s Media was given a comprehensive tour of the facilities. Here is his report. All video filming and editing by Tom Keefer.


There’s some exciting new developments at Medicine Wheel that have been taking place in September. Owner Rob Stevenson gives an overview about the new grow operation and educational centre that he is establishing next to his store.


A few days after the first video, Medicine Wheel owner Rob Stevenson takes Gary Wassaykeesic of Real People’s Media on a tour of the licensed grow operation and education facility that is the most recent addition to his facility.

Rob explains to Gary Wassaykeesic why he’s planning to grow next to his store, and the purposes of the three newly delivered portables that have been recently delivered.

In this segment, Rob explains why the buildings have been levelled the way they have and tours the inside of the newly delivered buildings.

This building is where clones will be grown and where hand trimming of the final product will take place.

Dalton takes Gary Wassaykeesic on a tour of Medicine Wheel’s state of the art testing facility. This machinery is used to test all of the medicine sold at the store, and can determine both CBD and THC levels of the product.


Even more video!

And if all these videos aren’t enough for you, we encourage you to check out this facility tour of MWNH also conducted by Gary Wassaykeesic. This video was made in August of 2017 and features Rob Stevenson doing a walk through of the store.


The Medicine Wheel Healing Centre is located on Alderville First Nation 8986 county road 45 Roseneath K0K 2X0 just off of Highway 45, near the town of Roseneath. The Alderville First Nation is located on the south shore of Rice Lake. Peterborough is on the North side of the lake, Oshawa is to the west, and Coburg and Port Hope are due south on Highway 45. The store is open 11am-7pm, Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays. Call anytime at (905) 352-3322.